Focused on limitless world, MC Square offers specific services dedicated to make your project digital and accessible from everywhere.

Portfolio Management System

MC Square’s Portfolio Management System helps our clients to concentrate on their core business, the investment management process, and decreases their IT maintenance costs, while we ensure the ongoing development of the technical infrastructure to keep ahead of new legal and market requirements.

The Portfolio Management System (PMS) is offered as a service. All the main parameterizations of the system are already made, and access to main data sources is being already organized, making the system easy to use without delays.

The PMS offers a whole set of functionalities for asset managers to support their investment management process: 

The benefits clients obtain from the use of PMS are:

Portfolio Analysis & reporting
Large product and market coverage
Pre-Trade Compliance Check
Automated Order Management
24/7 access from anywhere with user friendly interface
No heavy investments into infrastructure and human resources
State-of-the-art technology, including FIX protocol
Extensive service providers network, including brokers
Minimize operating costs and avoid waste of energy and time-saving

docu square

Based on recognized and secure technology, MC Square helps you to share all the collaborative documents and to sign all the necessary instructions.

The Docu² solution is offered as a service. All the parametrizations of the system (including access rights) are already made, making the solution easy to use.

The Docu² solution is designed as well to be the central repository of all your fund documentation, accessible whenever you want.

The benefits clients obtain from the use of Docu2 are:

File Sharing without limit
Anytime access
All your fund data available at a glance (Prospectus, KIID, PRIIPS, Annual report, Investment decision, Risk Report, NAV figures and much more)
Large storage capability suited your needs
Save precious time to deliver high value-added signed documents (agreements, instructions, investment decision, …)