We are authorized to manage UCITS funds as well as AIF funds having the following strategies: Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Real Estate, Debt, Fund of Funds and Listed Securities


Our vision is to contribute to the construction of innovative, solid, responsible and reliable products for the benefit of our customers and their growth. To achieve a better understanding of their needs, the objective is to protect and preserve their heritage through the enhancement of their funds.


We are authorized to manage UCITS funds and our mission is to provide fair and unbiased advices, the best ethical services, the seamless execution and lifetime portfolio management which has become the hallmark and trademark of our relationship model with esteemed clients.

Partner with MC Square and you can be assured of the benefits and luxury of comprehensive tailor made packages of service, as well as professional support from a team of experienced specialists, who understand your business and are exclusively dedicated to serving your needs. Through our services, you will be able to focus on the essentials; developing and executing your own investment strategies for your clients.


At MC Square, our core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all our actions and our behaviour. They are the centre of our commercial action, and they drive the way we work together.

We do not only value the ethical models of doing business; rather, we incorporate the appreciation of independence, integrity, entrepreneurship and responsibility as the core values of our Magic Square:

Independence: It doesn’t imply that we do not rely on nor collaborate with others, but merely, we focus on being unbiased in our choices.
Integrity: Our actions are guided with the non-negotiable values of respect and honesty. We let our actions speak for who we are.
Entrepreneurship: We fully understand the massive importance of innovation in a dynamic new ecosystem of business. We therefore, deploy our creativity, experience and energy in the accomplishment of your projects.
Responsibillity: The combined knowledge and artistry of our team members, players and playmakers remain dedicated to your services and the accomplishment of your goals.

our team

Michael Jordan once said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." At MC Square, we have come to see ourselves in the assertion of this 6 times NBA champion.

This is because we continue to pride ourselves not only in the talents and abilities of our very experienced team members with the proven track records from well-known corporate investment firms in different spheres of the financial world; we also operate as a family of shared vision, teamwork, and the will to win for our clients.

In our family, you will find specialists from wide ranging fields from corporate finance to risk management, through investment banking and wealth management, to fund distribution and marketing.

This unique mix of expertise and experience grants MC Square an extraordinary ability to truly understand the needs of our clients and proffer practical, attainable solutions like fish in water.

Management team

André Lecoq
Managing Partner
Alexandre Hecklen
Head of Legal & Compliance
Olivier Meray
Head of Finance & Risk Management
Alex De Jesus
Head of Administration & Oversight

Sales & Relationship Management team

Christophe Jehanno
Senior Manager - Sales & Relationship Management

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Investment Management team

Chrys Ibombo
Senior Manager - Alternative Investments Management
Cyrille Priplata
Principal - Listed Investments Management
Gajamokan Balasingam
Manager - Alternative Investments Management
Axel Fousse
Senior Associate - Listed Investments Management
Mickael Vingtans
Senior Associate - Alternative Investments Management
Stéphane Dervaux
Associate - Listed Investments Management
Dilay Aslan
Intern - Listed Investments Management

Risk Management team

Sameh Zoabi
Senior Manager - Risk Management
Gladys Ngassa
Senior Associate - Risk Management
Luigi Matrone
Senior Associate - Risk Management
Leonardo Pirolozzi
Senior Associate - Risk Management
Souhaila Sahbani
Associate - Risk Management

Valuation & Modeling

Ana Dimitrachi
Manager - Valuation & Modeling

Organisation & Human Resources

Ayşe Cenik
Senior Manager - Organisational Project Management

Legal and Compliance team

Francois-Xavier Le Corre
Senior Manager - Legal & Compliance
Diego Ofano
Senior Manager - Compliance Officer & Responsable du contrôle (RC)
Maxime Liuzzo
Associate - Legal & Compliance
Lisa Panichi
Associate - Legal & Compliance

Finance team

Patrick Kuete
Senior Associate - Finance
Joëlle Bida
Associate - Finance

Technology, Data & Reporting team

Elisandra Alvarenga
Manager - Technology, Data & Reporting
Domingas Silva Andrade
Associate - Technology, Data & Reporting
Lloyd Ndjogas
Associate - Technology, Data & Reporting

General Administration team

Astrid Saint-Antoine
Manager - Oversight & Audit Support
Nicolas Prevost
Manager - Oversight & Audit Support
Fagueye Gueye
Intern - Oversight & Audit Support

Middle Office team

Loïc Vallortigara
Senior Manager - Middle Office
Emilie Delavelle
Manager - Middle office Alternatives Funds
Emilie Mencarelli
Manager - Middle office Listed Funds
Elisabeth Lacouture
Associate - Middle office Alternatives Funds
Astride Dzakeng
Associate - Middle office Listed Funds
Phuoc Hanh Nguyen
Associate - Middle office Alternatives Funds
Sophie Linster
Associate - Middle office Listed Funds