International regulatory changes have significantly increased the pressure on investment fund managers, independent financial advisors, family offices. When it comes to the management of an investment vehicle, as an asset manager, you want to concentrate on what matters the most for your investors, their investments. For investment advisors not yet licensed to directly manage UCITS or AIF compliant funds, our experience in a broad range of investment strategies allows non-regulated investment advisors to launch their own fund without the need to set up their own management company. We can help you to stay focused on your investment strategy, deal selections, and extracting value from your assets. MC Square offers services such as corporate governance, corporate secretary, and risk management. We work closely with fund managers and investment advisors to determine the optimal outsourcing solution that will give substance to their project. Our solutions range from offering regulatory support to the subsidiary entity of the investment manager group, to providing our full services: management company, office space, domiciliation, directors, compliance and risk management. Corporate Governance / Secretary: In a fund, the Board of Directors has a crucial responsibility. Directors are responsible for:
  • Monitoring the fund’s processes and the information flows.
  • Verifying that conflicts of interests are monitored and avoided.
  • Ensuring that investors’ interests are preserved.
  • Monitoring fund’s compliance with the applicable legislation such as EMIR, FATCA, UCITS/AIFMD, legal provisions concerning AML, etc.
  • Ensuring that the fund meets its obligation with respect to communications with supervisory and legal authorities.
MC Square works closely with experienced independent directors and talented internal directors, bringing different skills, cultures, and backgrounds in your fund’s board. We support the board by offering the following complimentary services:
  • Board and committee meetings.
  • Minutes of meetings.
  • Annual meeting of shareholders – including proxy statements.
  • Corporate records.
  • Implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors.
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