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fortunafactsheet Fortuna Growth Fund
Fortuna Growth Fund is Unit Trust eligible for professional / accredited investors for non EU or Singapore resident. The fund can invest in assets such as Private Equity, Real Estate, Listed Securities and Tangible Assets.

  • Singapore Supervision Authority (Trustee): Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”)
  • Management Company : MC Square
  • Central Administration : AMICORP Singapore
  • Trustee: AMICORP Singapore
  • Depository Bank : OCBC or anyone chosen by the Asset Manager or Advisor

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Unit Trust Investment Fund is a pool of money collectively managed by a fund manager. Your money is combined with money from other investors to form a single investment pool, which is professionally managed to achieve the investment objective of the unit trust through the legal structure of Fortuna Growth.

The structuration of your fund within Fortuna Growth Fund is very flexible. You can create your own sub-fund, with your defined specific strategies, the NAV’s frequency of NAV as you wish, and structured as opened or closed – ended,

Key Advantages for Investment Managers/Advisors

Cross Border Distribution

Using Fortuna Growth Fund as a based Singapore’s fund, we can have a Master – Feeder structure between Europe and Asia in order to access from market to the investors or vise-versa

Type of Strategies

Unit Trust can invest into money market instruments; fixed income securities and all type of bonds and short-term debt securities; equity securities; precious metals; financial derivative instruments; units of UCITS, UCIs or structured products; commodities only through units of UCITS, UCIs, financial derivative instruments,hedge funds, private equity funds, tangible assets,and real estate

Flexible Diversification Rules

Unit trust investments can include a single asset class or a range of asset classes such as equities, fixed income, property, money market instruments or cash. They can also be invested in specific geographical markets, sectors, and styles such as value, growth and small capitalization stocks.

Key Advantages for Investors


Money Authorities of Singapore (“MAS”) sets rules and regulations that, among other things, require fund managers to ensure that their investments are sufficiently liquid and diversified.


By investing in a unit trust, you give up control over the choice of individual bonds, shares and other assets that go into the fund, as the fund manager will make these decisions for you.

Risk Management

Like any other investment, there is an element of risk associated with investing in unit trusts. Risks are not totally eliminated with unit trusts, but they are spread out by means of diversification.

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