Master Feeder


Master Feeder

In order to ease the management, the administration and the distribution of some funds it could be necessary to multiple fund jurisdiction. Some investor may prefer to invest in Luxembourg’s well recognised regulated structures other may prefer local legal structures. Some assets could be more efficiently administer close from their origin or from the investment advisor.

Through our different incubators we can offer flexible, cost efficient and secure solutions.


factsheet Fortuna CEON Master Feeder
FORTUNA CEON MASTER FEEDER is an umbrella structure for real Estate, Private Equity, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure assets. Asset are booked at Fortuna level using Singaporean service providers and CEON is used as Investment vehicle.

This vehicle is eligible for professional / accredited investors.

  • Regulator: CSSF
  • Juridical form: SICAV-SIF + Unite Trust
  • Location: Luxembourg / Singapore
  • Number of share-class: unlimited

Distribution Masterfeeder schéma


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