When it comes to the execution of your investment instruction, you want to count on a partner who will resolve the operational consequences of your decision. In a regulated world, decisions have to be taken by supervised and approved entities.

If you are a fully licensed manager, MC Square’s risk management can reinforce your own process. We monitor your fund,and ensure that your instructions are executed in a timely and correct manner. Our risk management services include the identification, measurement, and management of the risks to which funds may be exposed. We control your fund in order to ensure it respects your defined investment restrictions.

If you are a non-regulated investment advisor, MC Square’s execution services will invest on your behalf. In the limit of the law and the investment restrictions in place, our goal is to implement our clients’ strategies without the need to set up its own Management Company. We can execute investments ranging from money market to the most tailor-made transactions such as real estate or private equity.

MC Square’s execution service includes:

  • Pre-trade controls of the fund manager’s proposals.
  • Due diligence of products in support to the asset manager/advisor.
  • Placement of orders and administration of trade.
  • Post-trade risk management and control.


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