As an asset manager, you want to create your fund in fields such as Listed Securities, Real Estate, and Private Equity. Your main objectives are to serve your investors, capture performance and grow your business, all within a challenging regulatory environment.

Partner with MC Square and you will benefit from a comprehensive tailor-made service package, as well as professional support from a team of experienced specialists, who understand your business and are exclusively dedicated to serving your needs. Through our help, you will be able to focus on the essentials; developing and executing your personal investment strategies for your clients.


As an expert in managing assets such as real estate, private equity or more traditional securities, you are looking to set up your own fund, but new regulations acting as serious barriers of entry. As an investment manager operating under UCITS or AIFM directives, you are facing increasing regulatory responsibilities. We offer our expertise in accelerating start up fund managers by setting up adapted fund structures. By providing you consolidated front to back office support such as fund set-up, risk management, governance, compliance, distribution support and operational services, you are able to focus on your investment strategies and management with a fully compliant professional solution to back you up.

Creating a new fund is the accomplishment of what you do the best: managing assets and creating performance. As a fully established management company, MC Square is able to offer a more cost-effective solution than investing in your own structure. Through our Incubators, we achieve faster implementation when it comes to regulatory approvals. With our white label umbrella incubators, we put your funds in the foreground.

Partner with MC Square and you will enjoy immediate access to the following benefits:

  • Launch of your UCITS, Luxembourg-AIF or Singapore-AIF vehicle within a very competitive framework.
  • Comprehensive management of external service provider relationship.
  • Transparent and competitive cost structure.
  • Independent monitoring of investment management guidelines.

Full compliance, risk management and reporting.

We understand the challenge to launch a fund in a complex and fragmented market. Based on our 30 years of existing distribution agreements for our UCITS funds, we have developed a dedicated marketing and sales service to support our clients in the distribution of their funds in Europe. From creating marketing material and referencing on partner platforms to road shows organization, we adapt to your needs, ambitions and budget.